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Having a clear, well-communicated, implemented and monitored course is key to efficient IT. We stand by our customers thinking, implementing, measuring and improving their business continuously.

We have a broad portfolio of efficiency offerings for IT transformation.

Agile transformation (coach)
Process transformation (lean IT)
Productivity transformation
Innovation process implementation
IT assessments


Eliminating constraints, waste, defects, reducing costs and maximizing ROI is an ongoing work in IT. We are known by our clients as specialists in optimization. We have a broad and integrated view of all IT layers, from governance, management and people, to processes, applications and infrastructure.

Our efficiency methods include:

Agile infrastructure management
Monitoring and optimization systems and infrastructure
Capacity planning
Migration with assured performance
GManagement indicators (analytics)
Productivity management
Process optimization
Contract e supplier management
Reviewing the financial IT model


Continuous quality assessment and improvement in delivery is essential for an efficient IT. Quality assurance should be proactive and focused on real results for the business. Over more than a decade, we have acquired a broad practical experience that has been consolidated into several practices.

Test automation
QA, functional test, agile and mobile test
Stress test
Security test
Data mass management
Infrastructure management for the testicle environment
Review code and architecture



Inmetrics é patrocinadora oficial dos eventos Agile Trends e IT Fórum.

Dois importantes eventos do mundo da tecnologia acontecem agora em abril, e a Inmetrics está patrocinando ambos.

O Agile Trends é um evento sobre agilidade e gestão de alto nível técnico, inovador e interativo, que reúne cerca de 550 participantes de todo o Brasil, na cidade de São Paulo, com participação ativa da comunidade ágil brasileira.

O ITFórum reúne os CIOs das empresas que mais investem em TI no Brasil. Com uma agenda dinâmica, atraente e altamente inovadora.