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Would you like a challenging experience? We want professionals who wish to learn and grow to work with us.

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In the scenario and work context at Inmetrics, we are constantly encouraged to think, to exercise our mind, to have new ideas and, most importantly, to share them and put them into practice. Communication and engagement among teams enable sharing new learning and problem-solving, making us feel part of the whole, of the results, of the achieved goals, and also of the goals we are given. Innovating the way we work and delivering value to our customers through our projects is our daily challenge, whether through new tools, applying our knowledge, or doing something that already exists in an innovative manner. In this scenario, we are driven to seek information, knowledge, to read, search, present, discuss, and form opinions. This way, constant professional growth becomes inevitable, as well as the search for continuous improvement
IT Management Consultant
Working at Inmetrics is an amazing feeling; every project I take part in is always a challenge, and it makes my work very motivating! Every day and every customer is different from the other, I never felt like being in a routine - which incites me to always be prepared, constantly seeking new ways, new knowledge, new expertise for generating the value that our customers expect, and the level of the results we help each one of them reach is indescribable!
IT Management Consultant
For me, working at Inmetrics is a privilege, because I work in a healthy environment with a wonderful team of professionals. I have always had skilled leaders, and the company always seeks our well-being, offering a benefits basket which I can customize according to my needs. Who does not like to feel important? Here at Inmetrics, all of us important, we are treated as equals - from the testing technician to the directors. I am proud to be part of this company
Test Architect